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    Claimant Name: Ward, Uriah H.
    Claimant Name (Alternative):
    Claimant Gender: Male
    Claimant Race: Not available
    Address: Hyannis, Grant County, Nebraska
    Marital Status: Head
    Citizenship: Native
    Age: 61
    Country of Origin or State of Birth: Ohio
    Application Number: 5294
    Application Date: 1905-01-04
    Application Land Office: Broken Bow, Nebraska
    Witness 1: Williams, George
    Witness 1 (Alternative):
    Witness 2: Curley, James
    Witness 2 (Alternative):
    Final Certificate Number: 1602
    Final Certificate Application Date: 1906-07-24
    Legal Description: W2 SE4 Sec 15; SW4 SW4 Sec 14; Lot 4 Sec 23; NW4 NW4 and Lot 2 Sec 22; NE4 NE4 Sec 21;
    Section: 15; 14; 23; 22; 21
    Township: 24N
    Range: 39W
    Principal Meridian: 6th
    Acres: 627.88
    Final Certificate Approval Date: 1906-11-03
    Clerk: C. S. M.
    Land Office Location: Broken Bow, Nebraska
    Division: C
    Patented Date: 1906-11-28
    Patented Status: Approved

Initial Documents

    Receiver's Receipt(s)

Final Application Type

    Homestead Proof

Final Documents

    Proof of Publication with Newspaper Clipping
    Certificate as to Posting of Notice
    Final Certificate
    Final Affidavit
    Receiver's Receipt(s)
    Records of Military Service

Characters of the Land