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    Claimant Name: Greathouse, Bryant, assignee
    Claimant Name (Alternative): Barnes, Theodore F., assignee
    Claimant Name (Alternative): Barnes, Theo F., assignee
    Claimant Name (Alternative): Deal, George, assigner
    Claimant Gender: Male
    Claimant Race: Not available
    Address: Hyannis, Grant County, Nebraska
    Marital Status: Select
    Citizenship: Select
    Country of Origin or State of Birth:
    Application Number: 2681
    Application Date: 1900-12-26
    Application Land Office: Broken Bow, Nebraska
    Witness 1:
    Witness 1 (Alternative):
    Witness 2:
    Witness 2 (Alternative):
    Final Certificate Number: 1175
    Final Certificate Application Date: 1902-03-07
    Legal Description: Lot 1 and SE4 NE4
    Section: 6
    Township: 23N
    Range: 37W
    Principal Meridian: 6th
    Acres: 79.55
    Final Certificate Approval Date: 1902-12-10
    Clerk: B. R. M.
    Land Office Location: Broken Bow, Nebraska
    Division: C
    Patented Date: 1903-01-31
    Patented Status: Approved

Initial Documents

    Receiver's Receipt(s)

Final Application Type

    Homestead Proof

Final Documents

    Final Certificate
    Receiver's Receipt(s)
    Records of Military Service

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