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 Claimant:  Sell, Lincoln G. 
 Place of Origin:  Michigan  
 Witnesses:  Robinson, Jasper
Mutchie, Frank
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1895-09-26 
Final Certificate Date:  1900-12-05 
Approval Date:  1901-05-18 
Patented Date:  1901-08-1 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1103 
 Place:  Lena, Arthur County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Sturdevant, Ira S 
 Place of Origin:  Illinois  
 Witnesses:  Freeman, Charles
Sturdevant, William A.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1895-09-16 
Final Certificate Date:  1900-12-13 
Approval Date:  1901-05-14 
Patented Date:  1901-08-1 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1104 
 Place:  Genet, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Jacobs, Willard 
 Place of Origin:  Michigan  
 Witnesses:  McClure, John H.
Caywood, John E.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1895-09-11 
Final Certificate Date:  1901-01-04 
Approval Date:  1901-12-04 
Patented Date:  1901-12-30 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1109 
 Place:  Dunning, Blaine County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Crigler, William L. 
 Place of Origin:  Ohio  
 Witnesses:  Farrell, James
Cline, Hiram
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1895-09-19 
Final Certificate Date:  1901-06-17 
Approval Date:  1901-12-21 
Patented Date:  1902-01-17 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1136 
 Place:  Hyannis, Grant County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Grier, James 
 Place of Origin:  Wisconsin  
 Witnesses:  Grier, Michael
Brothers, Emma
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1895-09-05 
Final Certificate Date:  1901-09-23 
Approval Date:  1902-07-11 
Patented Date:  1902-09-26 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1150 
 Place:  Seneca, Thomas County, Nebraska 
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