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 Claimant:  Walcott, Francis M., assignee
Fay, Alzina, widow, assigner
 Place of Origin:    
 Witnesses:  unknown 
 Clerk:  Collor, J. 
Application Date:  1902-04-03 
Final Certificate Date:  1902-04-03 
Approval Date:  1903-02-07 
Patented Date:  1903-03-17 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1186 
 Place:  Not available 
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 Claimant:  Kudrna, James 
 Place of Origin:  Austria  
 Witnesses:  Barnebey, Charles M.
Boyce, John
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1902-04-22 
Final Certificate Date:  1904-04-29 
Approval Date:  1904-09-16 
Patented Date:  1904-10-27 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1389 
 Place:  Mullen, Hooker County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Eatinger, William J. 
 Place of Origin:  Ohio  
 Witnesses:  Benson, Mark W.
Benson, Marcus
Spencer, Ira B.
 Clerk:  E. D. W. 
Application Date:  1902-04-17 
Final Certificate Date:  1906-10-01 
Approval Date:  1907-03-14 
Patented Date:  1907-05-01 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1615 
 Place:  Thedford, Thomas County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Horn, Benjamin F. 
 Place of Origin:  New Jersey  
 Witnesses:  Honey, James E.
Philpot, James
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1902-04-28 
Final Certificate Date:  1907-09-27 
Approval Date:  1908-02-29 
Patented Date:  1908-03-16 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1717 
 Place:  Gandy, Logan County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Williams, John 
 Place of Origin:  Wisconsin  
 Witnesses:  Adams, Elijah
Wright, Aaron
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1902-04-18 
Final Certificate Date:  1908-02-24 
Approval Date:  1908-07-18 
Patented Date:  1908-08-17 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1777 
 Place:  Hyannis, Grant County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Savage, John 
 Place of Origin:  Canada  
 Witnesses:  Frazer, William
Frasier, William
Brennan, Charles
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1902-04-30 
Final Certificate Date:  1908-04-27 
Approval Date:  1908-09-19 
Patented Date:  1908-10-01 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1794 
 Place:  Hecla, Hooker County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Benson, Mark W. 
 Place of Origin:  Illinois  
 Witnesses:  McCarthy, Daniel
McCarthy, Daniel B.
Leggett, Orson
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1902-04-03 
Final Certificate Date:  1908-06-22 
Approval Date:  1909-01-16 
Patented Date:  1909-02-01 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1816 
 Place:  Thedford, Thomas County, Nebraska 
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