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 Claimant:  McMullen, Emanuel 
 Place of Origin:  Virginia  
 Witnesses:  Bohy, Gustave
Harvey, Wellington
Harvey, William
 Clerk:  Norton, H. A. 
Application Date:  1888-09-25 
Final Certificate Date:  1893-03-13 
Approval Date:  1893-06-19 
Patented Date:  1893-07-19 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0370 
 Place:  Taylor, Loup County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Cason, Samuel P.
Carson, Samuel P.
 Place of Origin:  Virginia  
 Witnesses:  Springstube, William
Springstube, Charles
 Clerk:  Fraser, E. G. 
Application Date:  1888-04-19 
Final Certificate Date:  1893-11-11 
Approval Date:  1894-05-22 
Patented Date:  1894-06-27 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0469 
 Place:  Broken Bow, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Maxson, James, W. 
 Place of Origin:  Virginia  
 Witnesses:  Mills, Earnest, G.
Lathrop, Irvin, V.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1888-02-02 
Final Certificate Date:  1894-08-06 
Approval Date:  1894-03-09 
Patented Date:  1895-04-18 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0558 
 Place:  Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Brooking, Walter R. 
 Place of Origin:  Virginia  
 Witnesses:  Reneau, Landon C.
Kackley, Willoughby T.
 Clerk:  C. S. M 
Application Date:  1888-11-02 
Final Certificate Date:  1895-07-30 
Approval Date:  1896-01-24 
Patented Date:  1896-02-13 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0655 
 Place:  Lena, Arthur County, Nebraska 
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