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West Union, Custer County, Nebraska in Place 
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West Union, Custer County, Nebraska[X]
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 Claimant:  Stephenson, John W. 
 Place of Origin:  Missouri  
 Witnesses:  Wineken, John B.
Winerger, John
Predmore, John C.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1898-10-07 
Final Certificate Date:  1904-03-11 
Approval Date:  1904-09-09 
Patented Date:  1904-10-17 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1376 
 Place:  West Union, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Metcalf, Perry G. 
 Place of Origin:  New York  
 Witnesses:  Predmore, Nelson B.
Bivens, Thomas J.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1901-04-22 
Final Certificate Date:  1905-08-22 
Approval Date:  1906-01-02 
Patented Date:  1906-02-16 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1498 
 Place:  West Union, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Willhoit, Bonnie B.
Wilhoit, Bonnie B.
 Place of Origin:  Nebraska  
 Witnesses:  Weinmann, William
Weinman, William
Willhoit, Joseph E.
Wilhoit, Joseph E.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1901-04-02 
Final Certificate Date:  1906-05-03 
Approval Date:  1906-10-13 
Patented Date:  1906-10-31 
Claimant gender:  Female 
Final Certificate Number:  1567 
 Place:  West Union, Custer County, Nebraska 
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