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 Claimant:  Holmes, Jonathan A.
Holmes, Johnathan A.
 Place of Origin:  New York  
 Witnesses:  Holmes, James, W
Hardy, William
 Clerk:  W. B. C. 
Application Date:  1892-04-18 
Final Certificate Date:  1894-08-17 
Approval Date:  1895-01-15 
Patented Date:  1896-02-27 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0560 
 Place:  Seneca, Thomas County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Fifthen, Robert
Fithen, Robert
 Place of Origin:  Ohio  
 Witnesses:  Walton, Frank
Cooper, Scott
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-09 
Final Certificate Date:  1895-08-31 
Approval Date:  1895-10-09 
Patented Date:  1895-11-13 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0662 
 Place:  Arcadia, Valley County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Melton, David P. 
 Place of Origin:  Indiana  
 Witnesses:  Roe, Samuel C.
Carpenter, Grant
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-07 
Final Certificate Date:  1895-09-30 
Approval Date:  1896-01-24 
Patented Date:  1896-02-13 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0668 
 Place:  Kent, Loup County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Fletcher, Charles J. 
 Place of Origin:  Iowa  
 Witnesses:  Copp, Henry H.
Erickson, Peter C.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-29 
Final Certificate Date:  1897-06-14 
Approval Date:  1898-10-19 
Patented Date:  1898-11-16 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0794 
 Place:  Brewster, Blaine County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Williams, Harry 
 Place of Origin:  Missouri  
 Witnesses:  Kirkpatrick, William
Sturm, Otis P.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-27 
Final Certificate Date:  1898-02-14 
Approval Date:  1898-10-15 
Patented Date:  1898-11-16 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0835 
 Place:  Taylor, Loup County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Phillips, Zebulon 
 Place of Origin:  Pennsylvania  
 Witnesses:  Imboden, Casper
Rickets, Thomas F.
Rickets, T. F.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-30 
Final Certificate Date:  1899-05-06 
Approval Date:  1899-12-15 
Patented Date:  1900-01-27 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  0944 
 Place:  Arnold, Custer County, Nebraska 
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 Claimant:  Williams, Willis G. 
 Place of Origin:  Kentucky  
 Witnesses:  Predmore, John C.
Predmore, J. C.
Marsh, Willis E.
Marsh, Willis C.
 Clerk:  C. S. M. 
Application Date:  1892-04-29 
Final Certificate Date:  1900-04-28 
Approval Date:  1900-07-03 
Patented Date:  1900-09-07 
Claimant gender:  Male 
Final Certificate Number:  1059 
 Place:  West Union, Custer County, Nebraska 
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